Taiwanese Restaurant in Manila City

Taiwanese Restaurant Maps

Dear All friends,
I arranged some information for everyone that want to eat in Manila, Philippines.

Because at Manila that has a lot of foreigners city, but if your Taiwanese and want to eat some Taiwan’s foods, you can add this google maps to your google maps.


  • Chicky Fried Chicken 台灣炸雞
  • Mr. Lai台北脆皮雞排 Chicken House
  • HoHo Chicken Chop
  • 食香客雞會站 Chickilicious
  • 豪大大雞排
  • 台灣家香便當 (The Taste From Home)
  • Tea Amor
  • 台北超市 TPE Market Place
  • 乾杯火鍋燒烤音樂餐廳 Come By hotpot & Grill Restobar
  • 台灣蒸火鍋 Double Tasty Taiwan Hotpot
  • 台風湯王火鍋 Typhoon Restaurant and Bar
  • Tea Rock Cafe
  • 富裕食品 Uniku Taiwanese Restaurant
  • 頂好牛肉麵 Dinghao Dumplings and noodles
  • 紅牡丹 Botan Black Cafe
  • 福氣小吃店 Hugki Dumpling
  • 發福 Fat Fook Taiwanese Kitchen
  • Coocoo House Taiwan’s Best
  • Fong Wei Wu
  • Flavors Of Taiwan 青葉
  • Shi Lin 士林
  • Tien Ma’s Taiwanese Cuisine
  • Tien Ma’s
  • Chairman Wang’s
  • Braises and Stews 滷味工坊
  • ERSAO 二嫂
  • Lugang Cafe 鹿港小鎮
  • Ice Flower

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