Go to Amphawa Floating Market, Thailand in One Day

Thailand Floating Market, Amphawa

Today, My mother told me, she wants to go to the Floating Market, Because she watched too many movies before, if she has the opportunity, she wishes can go to look around.

Such as Chinese movie 「Go La La Go!」the actress name was Xu Jinglei, their movie scenes in Pattaya Floating Market.

But, Pattaya Floating Market is too far for us, so we searched on google, finally, we found close our floating market nearby Bangkok, the name called Amphawa floating market, I arranged our luggage and went out at nine o’clock.

PS, Pattaya Floating Market in Pattaya, Thailand

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Bang Saen Beach, Chonburi (Bangkok, Thailand)

Bang Saen Beach, Chonburi (1 April 2018)

Last Saturday night, I decided to go to nearby Bangkok beach. So I surfed the internet and searched about Bangkok beach.

Finally, I got some information about Chonburi Bang Saen Beach. Traveling is needed by vans spend 120b. At the time I booked the hotel. Everything is crazy for me. Because it’s my first time to be backpackers and I stay 10 days in Thailand. I cannot just stay in one place. Even I am alone, so I need to do something different.

Bang Saen Beach

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (馬來西亞,吉隆坡)

23 November, 2017

It was very hot, My family went to Kuala Lumpur for my first vacation since I graduated after English school.

We decided to go to Kuala Lumpur, because I thought in Kuala Lumpur has a lot of foreigners and different cultures. If you want to feel different foods or cultures, it’s the best place.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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