Guangzhou, China : 2018 Traveling story (1)

Guangzhou, China: 2018 Traveling story

April 2018
Since 2008, I was 27 years old, I wanted to go to China, but I don’t have a chance to go to.

Guangzhou, China: You have to go there one time in your lifetime

China maps

Before my friend said: China changed too fast, if you have an opportunity to go there, you must go.

Today! I went to Guangzhou, China. Because my friend Andy invited me to go to Guangzhou that was awesome.
It’s my first time to go to China, I so excited.

Guangzhou, China : 2018, airport
Airlines scheduled.

At Tuesday afternoon, I went to Guangzhou by airplane, maybe these two years I went to too many countries, so everything was boring. I just wanted to go there quickly, but China Airlines provided a meal for passengers, it was best.

Guangzhou, China : 2018, China Airlines
China Airlines

I have been a long time not to eat a meal on an airplane. You can see the meal has meat, fruits, rice, coffee, and cookie. it was delicious.

Guangzhou, China : 2018, Airplane meal
Airplane Meal

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

When I arrived Guangzhou Baiyun international airport that is huge in China’s airport, also there has a lot of airplanes and terminals. Because I prepared my MTP(Mainland travel permit for Taiwan residents) that was Taiwanese go to China passport. So everything is easy to pass.

Guangzhou, China : 2018

Accidentally, I met my senior high school classmate, his name is Mars! What should I say? The world is too small! Haha, even I stayed in abroad, I also met my classmate. He said he needed to buy some product for business, so we just take a picture and say goodbye.

Guangzhou, China : 2018, Mars and me
Mars and me

My destination is Panyu, Guangzhou. So I needed to take a metro to go there. In Guangzhou, the traffic is convenient, you can use a metro to go anywhere. I bought a ticket to go to Panyu, it was cheaper, I spent 10 RMB, but the airport is at the north of Guangzhou and my destination is the south of Guangzhou, it was very far, I went there by metro was spent one hour, but it was convenient and fast.

Reference Source:
Reference Source:

After one hour, I arrived in Panyu square, I met my best friend Andy that was studying and drinking with me in Cebu.

Guangzhou, China : 2018, Andy and me
Andy and me

To be continued……

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