English Fella2 School, My second English language school,(Cebu, Philippines)

English Fella2 school, Cebu, Philippines

After graduated SMEAG capital school, I went to a lot of countries such as Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong that were great!

But I thought something, not enough because my last eight weeks course was TOEIC course. So I spent more time on how to practice reading, listening and grammar exams. I couldn’t have any time to practice speaking.

My wife with me has a discussion. Maybe I needed to go back Cebu again. Because of I afraid to forget English skills, another reason is studying in Cebu is cheaper! Haha

English Fella2 School, Teachers
My Teachers.

English Fella2 school, Cebu, Philippines

In January, I went to Cebu. I choose English Fella school. Why did I choose English Fella school? Because there has power speaking course, there have two one-on-one speaking classes. I thought it was good for me. I needed more speaking opportunity and environment.

When I arrived Cebu, it wasn’t my first time went to Cebu. So I didn’t excite. But when I arrived English Fella2 school, It was exciting.

English Fella2 School, Swimming pool
Swimming pool
English Fella2 School, My dormitory
New Student gifts.
English Fella2 School, Coffee shop
Coffee shop

At English Fella2 school, my course was the PIC5 course. It is similar ESL course that was good for an intermediate student, also have two speaking and one listening, reading and writing class.

This school is Sparta school, that means weekdays cannot go outside, so you have to focus on study.

At English Fella2 school, teachers were kind, especially speaking teacher. They gave me a lot of topics, we had a lot of fun in class. When I was a junior student, our topics were in my lifestyle and talk about jobs, family, and friends. But this time was different, we had a lot of topics such as finance, policies, education and social, it was interesting.

Reading and writing were great, maybe in this time, I had based foundation, so I can quickly find out what is my problem and what do I need.

My Study Life

At English Fella2 school, I met a lot of friends such as Ryan, Olivia, Una, Aster, Johnny, Steven, and Parker, they’re all Taiwanese, Japanese Haru and Korean John was my roommate. They’ve been a lot of fun and stories. After class, we always eating and singing together. It’s a good memory.

English Fella2 School, Taiwanese friends
Taiwanese friends
English Fella2 School, Steak house
Steak house

Finally, I graduated again. I thought I was different when I arrived. I can speak more and more, I can organize my mind and speak out. I am so happy in English Fella2 school that has a good environment and course.

English Fella2 School, classmateEnglish Fella2 School, classmateEnglish Fella2 School, classmateEnglish Fella2 School, classmateEnglish Fella2 School, classmateEnglish Fella2 School, classmate

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