Bang Saen Beach, Chonburi (Bangkok, Thailand)

Bang Saen Beach, Chonburi (1 April 2018)

Last Saturday night, I decided to go to nearby Bangkok beach. So I surfed the internet and searched about Bangkok beach.

Finally, I got some information about Chonburi Bang Saen Beach. Traveling is needed by vans spend 120b. At the time I booked the hotel. Everything is crazy for me. Because it’s my first time to be backpackers and I stay 10 days in Thailand. I cannot just stay in one place. Even I am alone, so I need to do something different.

Bang Saen Beach

Bang Saen Beach

On Sunday morning, I got up early. I rearranged my backpack and went to Ekkamai bus stations. Suddenly I found the station and admission. Reception is nice to me. I can speak English but some people couldn’t do it. But they were trying to let me know and fulfill my requirement. So I bought a ticket to Chonburi Nong Mon Market that is tradition market.

During the time, I took on the van next to Thai couple. At the time, I have been with my wife who was my best friend, we went to a lot of places since 2012.

After two hours, I had arrived at Chonburi Nong Mon Market. The sky accidentally was raining that was heavy. I taught too badly. The road was wet with rain. I couldn’t find a taxi to pick me up. If I walk to the hotel, I had to spend 20 minutes in the rain. So I called Grab.

Waiting is patient because you can explore someone to do something such as hurry man across the street, wet dog drinks the pond on the road and holding an umbrella wait next bus coming.

3 pm at afternoon, the rain stopped. I arrived at the hotel. Rearranging some backpacks was boring, I picked my wallet and cellphone, I went to the beach that called Bang Saen Beach, which is summer, sand and street vendors. 

I choose the seafood street vendor. Ordered some seafood and beer. Lie down in the lounge and played my favorite song.

Everything was great, I enjoin this moment.

Traffic information

Bang Saen Beach,Bangkok Bus Terminal Eastern
Bangkok Bus Terminal Eastern
Bang Saen Beach,Vans to Nong Mon market
Vans to Nong Mon market
Bang Saen Beach,Raining Day
Raining Day
Bang Saen Beach,Bang Saen Beach
Bang Saen Beach
Bang Saen Beach,Street Vendors
Street Vendors
Bang Saen Beach,The lounge
The lounge


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