SMEAG Capital School, My first English language school,(Cebu, Philippines)

SMEAG Capital School, Cebu, Philippines

Last year August, I decided to quit my job and went to study English. At the time, It was the hard decision, but I did.

SMEAG school, my foreigner friends
My foreigner friends

I had three reasons, first of all, in this time, if you have a good opportunity to get best salary and position, you need have the second language, especially language is English that is convenient in the world and useful language.

Second of all, speaking English is my disadvantage. Every time, in the teleconference I cannot speak well. So I need to improve it. Sometime in the office, my customers had some requirements and want to discuss with me, but I totally do not understand.

Third of all, I have worked thirteen years, my wife told me if you have long vacation for taking rest, you can go to language school for a study is a good chance.

That all, so I decided to go to language school and choose SMEAG school that has full-time class and official test environment.

SMEAG Capital School, Cebu, Philippines

My plan stayed in SMEAG school four months( twelve weeks ) and had TOEIC official test. Also at the free time, I wanted to travel by myself.

First August, I went to Cebu by plane. It was my first time going alone abroad that was exciting.

The first week, My manager gave me a schedule that was daily classes. My course was ESL (English as a Second Language) and TOEIC ( Test of English for International Communication ) both eight weeks.

SMEAG school, my schedule
My schedule

I had a full-time schedule, I needed to get up early to attend at six thirty o’clock, every rest time was five or ten minutes depends on after every two class.

I had four one-on-one classes that were Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing and a one-on-four Group class, each other teacher will teach you each other skill, so you can learn a lot of English skills. And you cannot use your native language, because teachers cannot speak your native language, so you don’t have a choice. It was stressful, but everything is good for me.

My first class was sad. I cannot speak English well even listening, I just spoke: “I am Leo, I come from Taiwan, I am Taiwanese.” That all…

Every night, I thought what can I do to improve my English skills. After three weeks, everything was changed. I could speak some sentences and listen to some keywords. I felt happy. Before I always said “ too difficult “,” I don’t know “,” repeat it”, but now I understood what teacher means.

In here, teachers very responsibility. And teachers pronunciation is good, they taught you how to pronounce and grammar and gave you an environment to speak English. It is a good opportunity to learn English, so you have to study hard by yourself.

My Study Life

After twelve weeks, I changed and I did. I cannot say I to be a native speaker, but I can speak well and don’t afraid to speak.

At SMEAG school, you can meet a lot of foreigners such as Korean, Thai, Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, Saudi Arabians, German and Russians, so you can make friends in here.

Thanks for SMEAG school teacher gave me this opportunity, I learned a lot of English, and I need practice in my life could do better.

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